2019! New Year, New Me?


Today I wanted to talk about New Year’s resolutions. Most years I don’t achieve my resolutions as I have too many or they are unrealistic, but this year I really want to make an effort so I have made a plan of what I am going to do to achieve them. I thought I would talk through my plan for this year and ideas to help you be successful in achieving your resolutions for 2019 too.

My New Year’s resolutions all link to being healthier and looking after myself and I have been specific about how I am going to achieve them:

  • Get my five a day everyday

Achieve by: I am making sure that I have at least 1 portion of fruit at breakfast and another as a snack during the day. The other 3 will be shared between lunch and tea. The main focus will be on healthy snacking and this will be a lot easier in the summer when fresh berries are readily available.

  • Eat 1-2 Vegetarian meals a week

Achieve by: I received a vegetarian recipe book for Christmas so I am looking forward to cooking those recipes and we will continue to have the few vegetarian recipes that we already make. I think the main things I want is to expand the number of recipes so we have more choice when deciding what to eat.

  • Meditate every day

Achieve by: I have an alarm set for 5pm everyday until I get into the habit of meditating at this time. (I may change this to a different time but I will try 5pm to start with).

  • Get 40 minutes of exercise every day

Achieve by: I want to go on more walks nearby and try skipping and weight lifting each day as well. This one requires motivation to get up and going so I will see how I get on.

This plan may not work or I may need to adjust it as I go along, but I will do an update in a few months to say how it’s been going. These are some of my tips to help you achieve your resolutions:

1. Think small

Only choose a few main resolutions to focus on. Limit to less than five priorities that you want to achieve.

2. How are you going to stick to them?

Make a plan like mine above for each of your resolutions. Make these realistic things that you can fit in to your everyday life.

3. Accept that you might fail

New Year is basically a big placebo, where we think of ourselves as different people who can achieve everything and become the best person we can be but this is entirely unfeasible rubbish. Most people forget about their resolutions two weeks into January so accept that you can’t do everything, just try your best.

I hope you all have a very happy 2019!