Simple ways to be eco-friendly

I thought it would be apt to write about some of the ways we can be more eco-friendly after the various protests happening to help stop climate change. Sometimes it is overwhelming to hear stories in the media of climate change and pollution, as it can be hard to know where to start to help the Earth. With simple everyday changes we can make big differences. Recycling and reducing your plastic consumption are both incredibly important.

There are many things that you can incorporate into your routine to start being more eco-friendly.

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  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Instead of buying fruit and veg in plastic bags at the supermarket, buy individual fruit and veg and put them in net bags, these are reusable and can save a lot of plastic from being thrown away
  • Buy food locally, whether at a market or a whole foods shop – you may be able to buy in bulk and there is less plastic
  • Buy food online, this means that instead of several cars going to the supermarket, one van is delivering several cars worth of shopping. In the UK you can shop with Riverford who are organic farmers and use very little plastic packaging
  • Eat less meat


  • Spend less time on devices
  • Turn out lights, switch off appliances
  • Use energy-efficient bulbs and good energy-rated appliances
  • Walk or cycle instead of driving

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  • Buy natural cleaning products, or make your own with a combination of lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar
  • Buy products that have recyclable packaging
  • Use a lower temperature when washing your clothes
  • Use a flannel for your skincare instead of cotton pads
  • Donate clothes to a charity shop or clothes bank, do not throw them away
  • Try to buy from eco-friendly clothing brands or charity shops

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  • Drink from a reusable water bottle
  • Eat any leftovers to avoid throwing out food
  • Compost food
  • If you can, grow your own veg
  • Use compostable tea bags
  • Check your local recycling guidelines – you may be throwing away something that you can actually recycle

Hopefully you have learnt something from this post. Have you got any more suggestions about how to be eco-friendly?