10 facts about me

These are ten facts about me:

1. I used to live in New Zealand

I lived in Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island for four years. New Zealand is such a beautiful country and everyone seems to know each other as the population is so much smaller than the UK. The people in Christchurch have been through so much with the earthquakes and now a terror attack, yet everyone helps each other out and it feels like one big community. I now live back in the UK, but sometimes I really miss NZ.

2. I am an INFJ

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a famous personality test categorising people as sixteen personality types. I used this website, and I am an INFJ – Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging. This is the rarest type, making up 1-3% of the population. Its interesting to learn more about your personality, it helps me to understand myself a bit more. I want to find out my Enneagram next.

3. I love reading

I really like reading books, particularly old classics and fantasy novels. I am currently loving rereading the His Dark Materials trilogy.

4. I write poetry

I like writing poetry and have aspirations of writing my own poetry book.

5. I like playing games with my family

Sitting down and laughing about charades or playing a game of Cluedo is one of my favourite pastimes. Perudo is also a favourite of mine.

6. I am an organised person

I like tidying and organising things – I have to-do lists and I like sorting out my room.

7. I would love to have my dream home

I am interested in interior design and I dream of having my perfect house, preferably in Scotland.

8. I like jazz

My favourite music genre is jazz, I don’t have any taste for modern music which most people don’t understand.

9. I would really like a dog

I would love to have a dog, but for now I will enjoy looking after my aunt and uncles dogs. I used to have a pet goldfish but its not quite the same.

10. I think nature is beautiful

Nature is really beautiful, and springtime is the perfect time of year to admire the world around us.

Hopefully you now know me a little better.