How I spend my weekend

Here are the things that I usually spend my weekend doing.

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Read the paper

We have recently started getting the Guardian delivered on a Saturday morning and I like reading the Weekend magazine,  reading about people’s experiences, thoughts and ideas is a great way of expanding your perspective and learning new things. I usually skim over the actual news, it being mostly about Brexit.

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Go on walks

Getting outside in the fresh air has many benefits and helps to clear my mind. Also spring is in full bloom right now, just another excuse to go on a walk.

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I spend quite a while writing blog posts, taking pictures and editing for my blog at weekends. Blogging is a way to be creative and connect with other people.

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I like to peruse my way through recipe books, my current favourite is Delia’s Cakes, it has lots of different recipes and the photography is exquisite. I always appreciate good food photography. And I also like Flora Shedden’s Gatherings.

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I usually study and revise for a few hours at the weekend, this is usually spent writing English essays, on Quizlet or learning biblical quotes for Religious Studies.

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Reading books

I have talked lots about the pleasure of reading in previous blog posts, but I would love to spend hours absorbed in a good book.

How do you spend your weekend?