A day studying with me

I am studying for my GCSEs in the UK and this is some of the typical work that I might do in a day, although it does change somewhat on a day to day basis depending on the subjects I do and what I am learning about.



I usually take notes from a textbook and online for the sciences. At the moment in Biology, I am looking at different organisms, including viruses and bacteria and how they differ from one another.


English Literature

In English Literature I am just finishing studying the play Macbeth and trying to go over the play as much as possible before moving on to Lord of the Flies. The exam involves in-depth analysis of quotations from the text. In the picture above, I picked a quote and expanded on it as much as possible into different interpretations and meanings.



For maths, using revision workbooks is always helpful. I use these target books, aimed at different grades for the new 9-1 exams, which explain things in a simple format and introduce you to how to show and explain each step of your working out clearly.


English Language

In English Language, I am currently studying non-fiction texts, including ‘the Danger of a Single Story’ which is a TED talk by Chimamanda Adichie. I wrote as many notes as I could on different parts of this text to try and get a better understanding of it and familiarise myself with the themes and language used.



I am learning about research methods at the moment, something which I don’t find very interesting but is important nonetheless. I take notes on the different types and advantages and disadvantages of each research method.


Consolidation and revision

Usually I will go over anything I don’t understand and do some revision. I use Quizlet a lot for learning quotes for Religious Studies and English, and equations for the Sciences as it is helpful for learning terms and definitions.

So this was a typical day studying for me. I hope you found this interesting or useful in some way.